Swedish Egg

Swedish Egg

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Hot Salad Bar

Unless you prepare it yourself, in your own kitchen, you can never be sure if a dish or a meal is going to be totally SIBO-safe. And then there's life in the real world, where restaurants exist. Newbies are wise to dine at home for a while as they get symptoms under control and adjust to a new way of cooking and eating. Fortunately, that phase doesn't last forever!  I've been on this journey long enough to feel comfortable taking a few risks with eating out. In general, I find salad bars and hot bars a pretty good bet. Today's lunch-on-the-go features sauteed vegetables, chicken salad and a ripe avocado-tomato medley. Besides needing to pick out the sautéed onions, the selection was near perfect. Thank you Maple Farms in Hadley, MA. It was delicious!

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