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I offer Nutritional Counseling and consults in person and by phone or Skype. Rates are by the hour and reasonable. Send me an email and we'll talk. :)


Thoughtful supplementation can offer meaningful support for SIBO and IBS, but if you're going to take supplements, you should only buy the best quality. There's a lot of crap out there and it's not worth throwing your money (or your health) away. 

Contrary to popular belief, the supplement industry is not unregulated. Professional brand supplements (Moss Select, Integrative Therapeutics, Allergy Research, Metagenics, etc.) are required to meet or surpass Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines (GMPs). These guidelines include testing for purity and potency at every step of production, from raw material to post-manufacture.  

That's reassurance you need. I know a lot about this because in addition to my private practice in nutritional counseling, I've been working in the supplement industry since 1997. Currently I am the Product Development Manager at Moss Nutrition, a practitioner-only supplements company that sells exclusively to practitioners and their patients, not the retail consumer off the street.

Some professional brand products are being sold online now and are available to the retail consumer, but I strongly urge you NOT to start using them without speaking to a clinician first—whether me, or your current healthcare practitioner. Natural medicine is real MEDICINE, with potential contraindications and cautions like any other. Don't self-prescribe and put yourself at risk.

For a FREE 15-minute supplement consultation and to learn how to order professional supplements through SexySibo, just email me up: eat2evolve@gmail.com


Here is where I'll be adding links to books that I really like, including my own. Stay tuned...


Here is where I'll be adding links to products that I really like! Stay tuned...