Swedish Egg

Swedish Egg

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Veggie Soup with Rice (& Shrimp)

Once you know how to make your own chicken stock and bone broth, you can start making your own super delicious, gut-healing soup-based meals. You can even start living on these soups, like I do. What's not to like about wholesome, easy and reliable fare?

Here's my modus operandi:

Step 1. Start with the broth you've stored in fridge or freezer. Add SIBO-safe veggies like peeled zucchini or summer squash, mushrooms, bell peppers, baby spinach or Swiss chard, and green herbs like parsley. Simmer for 15-20 minutes or until the veggies are soft,  remembering to add in tender leafy greens only in the last few minutes of cooking. Voila! Veggie soup!

Step 2. Season to taste with herbs of choice, sea salt and black pepper. Or stir in some Thai red curry paste to make it fancy.

You can eat this soup as is, or add more substance and nutrition if you like. Try Jasmine rice & shrimp, like I did here, or get creative with your bad self. Any combination of Option A and Option B below is sure to please.

Option A. Add STARCH as 1/4 cup uncooked Jasmine Rice per serving and simmer for 20 minutes until done. This will soak up a lot of broth and create more of a stew feeling, as pictured here. (Note: I always cook just enough rice for one meal because after rice has cooled, it develops resistant starch, a leading cause of fermentation and gas symptoms. Fresh is best. Same goes for other starches like potatoes.)

Option B. Add PROTEIN as your choice of peeled frozen shrimp, organic eggs, sliced chicken or other meat. Feel free to use up any leftovers here, or start with uncooked animal protein and just simmer until done.

Option C. Add Jasmine rice and protein AT THE SAME TIME!!! (omg)

Step 3. When your soup is done, pour it into your bowl and top with finely chopped fresh cilantro, scallions or other green leafy herb to make it look and taste fresh and pretty. A squeeze of lemon or lime is nice, too.

That's it! Bon appetit!