Swedish Egg

Swedish Egg

Monday, February 8, 2016

Hot Toddy - a classic winter warmer

Drinking cold beverages when it's cold outside is counterintuitive at best. Enter the hot toddy. I learned how to make this delicious, warming drink last December and all I can say is: What took me so long?

A hot toddy is basically warm, sweet lemon water plus whiskey. Whiskey is one of the SIBO-safe alcoholic beverages, along with most plain spirits and dry wine. (We need to avoid the higher carb drinks like sweet rum, brandy and beer.)

I like Jamieson's whiskey in this drink; it's mild, smooth and flavorful without being overpowering. I use erythritol to sweeten (in place of the traditional honey or sugar) to guarantee 100% SIBO safety.

To make 1 Hot Toddy you need:

1/2 fresh lemon 
3 whole cloves
1 teaspoon erythritol sweetener (Zero)
1 jigger of whiskey (1.5 oz)
about 1 cup boiling water

Directions: Put water on to boil. Cut a nice, round slice of lemon off the end of the lemon half and stud it with three cloves. Juice remaining lemon into a teacup. Add the studded lemon slice, along with the teaspoon of erythritol. 

When water boils, pour half of it over lemon juice/clove blend until tea cup is about half full, and allow to steep for a minute or so. Add the whiskey, then top off with more hot boiled water to fill cup. Stir and sip!

For a nice variation, make your toddy with hot ginger tea instead of plain hot water. If you're in a fancy mood, a cinnamon stick makes a nice garnish (and stirrer) too. Very yummy all ways.