Swedish Egg

Swedish Egg

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Support for Constipation & Motility

Supporting gastrointestinal motility and bowel regularity are core features of a comprehensive treatment protocol for SIBO and IBS-C.

I've been hard at work behind the scenes at my day job (Product Development Manager at Moss Nutrition) developing two new products to address these needs and I am thrilled to announce that both are now officially launched!

MMC Select™ is a prokinetic formula designed to help promote gut motility by supporting healthy function of the migrating motor complex (MMC)—the "cleansing wave" that sweeps food, bacteria and debris out of the stomach and small intestine towards the colon. As we've discussed before on Sexy Sibo, the MMC is active between meals when the digestive system is at rest, which is why practicing "meal spacing" is so important for SIBO! MMC Select™ contains a careful selection of evidence-based ingredients for motility support: organic prokinetic ginger root, a premium concentrated DGL deglycyrrhizinated licorice extract researched for motility support, 5-HTP + P-5-P to help increase gut serotonin levels, absorption-optimized anti-inflammatory curcumin phytosome and alkalinizing potassium, a traditional prokinetic nutrient.

Colon Select™ is designed to help provide safe, gentle relief from occasional constipation with meaningful levels of researched and traditional ingredients. This formula features:

Magnesium in two forms: ascorbate (vitamin C) and hydroxide
Triphala, the revered Ayurvedic triple herb combination for enhancing bowel tone & function
Aloe ferox extract (Cape Aloe) in the clinically relevant potency for helping to promote elimination: minimum 18% aloin content
• A blend of 5 time-honored botanicals to help stimulate complete and comfortable bowel movements: Marshmallow, Ginger, Sweet Fennel, Barberry Bark & Turkey Rhubarb Root.

Click on the product names above to visit the Moss Nutrition website and read more about these fabulous SIBO-specific products. I am so happy to be able to offer them to the world, and to my patients and clients in particular! (If you are a new patient or client, contact me for details about ordering.)

Yours in joyful service,