Swedish Egg

Swedish Egg

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Breakfast of Champignons

What I really wanted this rainy Saturday morning was a muffin. A whole grainy Morning Glory muffin packed with raisins, walnuts and grated carrots and zucchini. The kind I used to love before I learned that grains were not my friend.

I knew where to get one, too. In fact, I was THIS close to getting in my car, 2nd Street Bakery bound, when...

I got saved. What saved me were two things. 1) The honest knowledge, based on experience, of how crappy I'd feel for the rest of the day (if not longer) if I introduced wheat into my body for breakfast. And 2) the knowledge that I could make myself a delicious, savory breakfast WAY more satisfying and digestible than some dumb old muffin with its sweet secret promises of pain and noisy farts to come. 

I had everything in the fridge for a veggie and cheese omelet. I made it, I ate it, I enjoyed it and my belly feels like a million bucks. Full, but functional. Going out for the whole day now and I won't be hungry till dinner. Feel like a champ. Mind over matter rocks. 

Mushrooms rock, too. Surprisingly nutritious and immune enhancing. Perfect for fall. Beats a flu shot any day.

What's in my bowl:

Portobello Mushroom & Cheddar Omelet
(made with 2 local pastured Eggs, Raw Goat Cheddar, Portobello Mushroom, Orange Bell Peppers, Roasted Garlic & Chard)

Organic Wild Mushroom Chicken Sausage

Avocado garnish. Yum. 

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