Swedish Egg

Swedish Egg

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Eating out with SIBO: Breakfast (Veggie Scramble with Hollandaise)

One of the hardest times to have a digestive disorder is when you go out to eat. Until you figure out how to navigate a menu (hint: side dishes are your new BFF) and get comfortable asking the waitron to Hold Everything (well, not quite everything!) restaurant dining can be daunting. So I thought I'd share some Sexy Sibo tips and start a new feature here on the blog: Eating Out with SIBO.

Today's topic is Breakfast. The first meal of the day is super easy to enjoy outside the home if you tolerate eggs and lactose-free dairy because eggs, low-starch vegetables and aged cheese are all legal on the SIBO-specific diet. You just have to remember NO BREAD, and in the early stages, NO POTATOES. This means you can enjoy omelets and veggie scrambles (with lots of veggies, or a side of greens, please) to your heart's content. Add uncured bacon or sausage if available, and you are so inclined.

Eggs Benedict can be ordered without the English muffin. I know it sounds funny, but just ask for a nice, thick slice of tomato on the bottom. Or do what I did here: Put on your nicest smile and order the Veggie Scramble, no toast, no homefries, hold the red onion, substitute tomato and add a side of Hollandaise. (Don't worry about Hollandaise sauce: it's just an emulsion of egg yolk and liquid butter, plus SIBO-safe seasonings: lemon juice, salt, pepper.)

The wonderful folks at Bread & Butter, a wonderful new breakfast joint in Amherst, MA, didn't bat an eye when I ordered this up the other day, and it came out just how I wanted, perfectly scrumptious.Yay!

As for your hot beverage, go with black coffee, black tea or herb tea. (Some restaurants do have heavy cream in the kitchen and will share upon request. Heavy cream contains only 3% lactose and is tolerated by lots of SIBO peeps, so ask for it if you like! Otherwise, stick with black.)

Bon appetit!


  1. I have high hopes of being able to eat out again. I welcome this new feature because it will give me some new ideas for my meals at home also. Thanks!

  2. You're welcome, Kathleen! Thank you for visiting Sexy Sibo :) —Diana