Swedish Egg

Swedish Egg

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New Starbucks non-dairy Coconut Milk vs Organic Soy Milk. Safe or not safe? You decide.

In case you didn't hear, coconut milk is now available at Starbucks. I snapped a pic of the ingredients panel when I went in there today, just to show you. 

It's great to see non-dairy alternatives offered in mainstream coffee shops. Unfortunately, this one contains a bunch of questionable additives, namely carrageenan (high FODMAP), two processed sugars (plain cane and corn dextrin), and three different kinds of gels, aka highly fermentable (gas-producing) soluble fiber sources.

For comparison, Starbucks organic soy milk only contains carrageenan, one sugar (organic evaporated cane juice), and no gums. But it's made from whole soybeans vs soy protein isolate, making it high FODMAP. 

Sigh. Looks like a classic case of "Six of one..." 

...But wait: Starbucks new coconut milk also fails the eco-sustainability test: not fair trade, not organic, sourced from Sumatran coconuts and flown halfway around the globe before making it into your venti.

Hmmm. Maybe organic soy milk comes out ahead in this round after all, with black coffee still in firm command of first and safest place. 

Great idea, though, Starbucks! Real coconut milk would be a welcome addition to your menu, so please keep trying!

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